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My photo of the week

My photo of the week

I like to shoot weddings in a wedding photojournalistic way without interfering, and I do that through the ceremony and reception staying vigilant for the unscripted moments. But I also know how important portraits are to my couples, and I have to admit I have so much fun posing them in different kinds of ways, from contemporary and fashionable poses, to romantic and funny situations, to the ones that truly reflect themselves, and that is the biggest compliment when I hear that I really captured them. Capturing details in a fashionable and beautiful way is another tricky process where you can cross the wedding photojournalistic fine line specially if you put an art director’s hat with the hopes the shot can submitted for publication.

While I’m being commissioned to photograph a wedding, and I’m trying to conform with certain standards and rules of photography and magazine styles, I need to keep my artistic sanity, and I do that by making sure that on every wedding I take at least one picture just for me. The following picture inspired me to start a weekly post featuring a photo that I took just for me. This is My photo of the week.

Marcela and Eric got married at the Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit, New Jersey. Since the house of the arboretum was built in 1889, I decided to take a portrait that gave me that turn of the century look. I posed Marcela and Eric in an unflattering way and asked them to stand side, by side looking directly at the camera, Danny looked at me like saying what are you doing? But again, this picture was just for me. I desaturated the picture enough just to leave hints of color on the background and on her bouquet.

Vintage Wedding Portrait - NJ Wedding Photography

New Jersey Wedding Photographer, Gabriela Fuentes captures wedding and engagement photography and the in-between moments. Voted Best of the Knot Weddings, and recipient of Bride’s Choice Awards. The Wedding Central is an wedding photography boutique studio owned by Award Winning Photographers Gaby and Danny. The studio is located Northern New Jersey and covers New Jersey and New York City.

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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our blog, we are happy that you are stopping by. If you are a prospective client, please feel free to browse through our wedding photography and video gallery.

The Wedding Central offers Wedding Photography and Documentary HD Wedding Videos in an unobtrusive way without interfering with your guests or ceremony. Our goal is to capture your wedding in a storytelling style using a mixed approach of photojournalistic photography and contemporary posed photography and documentary videography.

When photographing a wedding, we are specially looking for three things: people, emotions and details. We want to capture the look on the face of the groom when he sees the bride for the first time, the look on her face as they are reading the vows, and the smile as they walk into the reception hall for the first time as husband and wife.

We also like to capture every wedding detail: wedding dress, shoes, rings, bouquet, veil, flowers, centerpieces, favors and tux because each detail has been carefully selected by the bride and groom after countless hours of flipping through magazines, looking at photographs, browsing wedding sites and visiting vendors. It is through these details that the personalities and the likes of the bride and groom are revealed.

At the end of the day, the collection of those emotions, people and details make your wedding story. That is what we want to capture through our photography and videography. We want to Capture Your Memories.

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The Wedding Central is a wedding photography and wedding video studio owned by Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer, Gaby and Danny, award winning storytellers.  The studio is located right between Hudson and Bergen County, NJ, in the Hoboken Weehawken area and capturing weddings in Northern New Jersey, Central NJ, Jersey Shore and New York City and the tri-state area.