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Video FAQ : Review : Canon 5D Mark II for Wedding Video

For over a year now, we have been using the Canon 5D Mark II for our wedding videos, and we just have to say we love it. And the question is what is not to like about this camera, and about the image. I will skip the argument about the advantages and disadvantages of the Canon 5d Mark II vs the Canon 7d because we have never used a Canon 7D.

As photographers, we were looking for a top of line camera, and the Canon 5D Mark II delivers an image quality that is absolutely amazing, and it’s still lighter compared to the Canon 1D Mark IV. So we knew this was our camera, but we never imagined this camera would deliver an image superior than our other more expensive HD video cameras, and that it would change our business as a whole.


Featured : Wedding Channel – Wedding Cakes You’ll Love

I have to confess that I lOVE cake, really. Every time, I go to a wedding, I must have a piece. Naturally, I’ve collected a mental library of my favorite wedding cakes. So a few months ago, following my love affair with wedding cakes, I did a wonderful collaboration and took some picture for a fabulous New jersey Cake Designer, Sweet Grace Cake Designs, and we are thrilled to see our work featured as part of the Wedding Channel “New Wedding Cakes you’ll love” slide-show. I hope you love caking cakes too, enjoy.

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Video FAQ : What is the difference between Cinema HD : Regular HD : DSLR Videos

Ever since we made the switch to 100% DLSR Cinema HD video last year, I’ve had a few brides and grooms asked me how is that different than regular HD. The short answer is there is a world of difference. But since my answers are a little more elaborated than that, and examples are crucial to demonstrate the difference, I decided it was time for a Video FAQ answering some of the questions couples have asked.

What is DSLR HD video?

DSLR HD video is video recorded on a DSLR camera, which means a professional still -photographer’s- camera that has the ability to record video. Because still cameras have larger chips than most regular Pro HD cameras, the image has better resolution, which means less pixelation when viewed on a large flat TV screen.

What is Cinema HD video?

Cinema HD is an image quality closer to a Hollywood movie  or cinema. Because DSLR cameras give you the flexibility of switching lenses, you can literally use the best Canon lenses available in the market. This allows for better control of the depth of field, or as my friends will describe it, a sharp image with a fuzzy background. This is the defining difference between the two types of HD.READ MORE



I created this flash card one day that I needed to mute all the noise from the ever so cluttered internet. Since then, anytime I feel stressed, Danny whispers Relax, and then magically, I do . This is my home page and what I see every time I open my internet.

Relax and have a great week.

What is a Memory ?

The other day, Danny and I were talking to one of our couples about their recent wedding, and our wedding. What we all remembered from our respective weddings, and what we don’t remember at all!

Because I’m a very visual person, I have always wondered about the significance of memories. What makes us remember some things and forget others. My obvious answer is that we remember the things that are important to us, the things that impact our lives either in a positive or negative way, and the things that change us.

Yet, there are very special moments in my life, including important parts of my wedding that I can’t remember. At least not without the help of a photo. So what makes a memory? The scientific definition tell us that “memory is an organism’s ability to store, retain, and recall information and experiences.”

So what happens when we can’t remember important events? Is it possible to build memories with the help of images and photos? Is it possible that a picture will help you recall an event or experience ? I definitely believe so.

These questions, and more importantly the answer, have made me re-evaluate the importance of what I do and how it impacts other peoples lives. I realize that I’m doing more than taking photos, I am safe keeping memories.

Featured { Wedding Channel } – 21 Ways to make your wedding prettier

We are super excited to see our ethereal wedding dress featured on Wedding Channel as part of their slideshow “21 Ways to make your wedding prettier “. I’m sure our bride Marcela will be happy to see her J Crew ethereal wedding dress featured as part of a romantic theme because romantic was the word she used when I asked her to describe how she envisioned her wedding photos. You can see Marcela’s and Eric Romantic Wedding here.

how to make your wedding prettierREAD MORE

Happy Super Bowl Sunday 2011

Growing up, all the memories I have of Sundays are of dull days, with nothing much to do. Nostalgia reigned in, specially after lunch when the hot Ecuadorian sun shined the most. No matter how nice the day looked outside, my mom as well as the rest of the city decided that nothing was worth the heat, and all activities were on hold until after the sun set down. Naturally, the streets were empty, and silence invaded our house.

But ever since Isabella was born, I love Sundays. There is nothing better in the world that sleeping in until 8, and waking up to the laugher of a happy toddler kissing you in the cheek. The smell of breakfast, or pancakes from time to time; the games; the joy; I wish I could bottled that happiness and keep it forever. Sundays are just too perfect to describe with words.

Happy Super bowl Sunday everyone!

happy toddler love sundays