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new year's reslution

New Year’s Resolution : Capturing life: “our life”

In all honesty, I have never been the girl that makes New Year’s Resolution. I mean, I swear never to eat a dessert again after the holidays, but I think I would say that even if the holidays were in June. But this year is different. A few months ago, Isabella’s teacher asked for a family photo, and out of the thousands of pictures that I’d taken in a whole year, I was lucky to find 1, let me repeat, ONE photo of the three of us. The reason that I’m not posting that picture tells you how much I like it.

So I made a promise to myself that I would do my best to take my camera out more often, and capture our lives. Some may call it a New Year’s Resolution. I call it a “Life’s Resolution,” and I plan to have until the eyes are too old to take pictures.

new year's reslution

nj wedding photographer gabriela fuentes

Thank you for a wonderful 2011

As 2011 comes to an end, we like to look back to the things we have done, the triumphs, the failures, and the joy as we build our business. We have been fortunate to have amazing couples who trusted us and opened their homes to document one of the most important days in their lives, and we are extremely thankful to every single one of them.

There are so many other people that we have to thank, friends and family for putting up with us and our crazy schedules. We also have to thank the people who have worked along side us, those wonderful photographers and cinematographers who have joined us for the ride. All of you have contributed to making 2011 our a wonderful year.

Here are some images taken throughout the year to remind us what where we have been!!

Gaby (that’s me) – wedding photographer

Don’t try to take a photo because I will immediately start laughing… so for every single one of these… there were 20 of these.

Gaby Fuentes Contemporary wedding photographer in new jersey

behind the scenes… literally!!

Gaby Fuentes Contemporary wedding photographer in new jersey

Gaby Fuentes Contemporary wedding photographer in new jersey

Danny – wedding cinematographer

Don’t let this face scare you…

Danilo Morales Documentary Wedding Videographer in New Jersey


…this is the real Danny

Danilo Morales Documentary Wedding Videographer in New Jersey

Although sometimes he plays America’s Next Top model with couples

Danilo Morales Documentary Wedding Videographer in New Jersey

… and other times, he will snatch your new watch right before you can say… nice.

Danilo Morales Documentary Wedding Videographer in New Jersey

This is Erica – wedding photojournalist extraordinaire

She will take a photo and you won’t even notice.

the wedding central - erica second wedding photographer - photojournalist photographer

… or she will try to teach me to move like jagger

the wedding central - erica camille second wedding photographer

This is J – assistant photographer… he will always make sure I eat and have plenty of water on hot summer days like the day I became a lobster… mental note never leave without sunscreen

the wedding central - jarlen second wedding photographer

My buddy Quenell Jones – professional cinematographer …. ready to rock MTV style shooting for a Super Sweet 16… we go way back to SVA. I was so happy that he could join us.

cinematographer quenell jones

One member of our team is missing, my dear friend from college, Sako. She is my partner in crime, I mean production. She recently joined our team, and I couldn’t be happier. She will be shooting side by side with Danny. She is super talented, and so used to professional TV productions, that on her first day, she was asking for charging station… awwww!! Photo courtesy: Sako Brockmann.

wedding cinematographer sako brockmann

Being a wedding photographer and videographer is a great honor. 2011 blessed us with wonderful couples and amazing team – as we close the year we thank you

Apple - Steve Jobs Wedding Photography

How Steve Jobs influenced the way I see my business.

I learned about it through FB. A bride posted a comment and it ended with “RIP Steve Jobs.” Say what? A mistake maybe? A bad joke because of the disappointment about the iPhone 4s? The Times confirmed the FB status, Steve Jobs had passed away. To say that I was shocked is an understatement. I really felt a weight in my heart. How could I feel something like this for a man I never met? How could that be? I simply don’t know.

It’s not the fact that he revolutionized the world, or that I love Apple products, and I own virtually all of them, expect an iphone (hence I’m with Verizon). But it’s the fact that he inspired me every single day. I’m a technology buff, and I get really excited when I hear about new technologies, and I often wonder about new possibilities, and where these will take us in the future, and that inspires me, really. I just sight at the fact that someone can see beyond what everyone wants and can imagine a world with things that don’t exist today, and Steve Jobs was one of those people.

This brings me to my wedding photography. Recently, after discussing about photography with a friend, I realized something that I had not realized before. My pictures are imperfect, and I like them that way. In fact, I take them that way. I don’t think that I can ever take a breathtaking landscape that will be hanged on walls. You may be wondering what does that have to do with Steve Jobs. Well, nothing and everything.

I mean, my pictures have the exposures where I want them to be, the framing is how I want it to be, yet they are imperfect because my couples are not posed in a perfect position. Their hands are not perfectly placed, their dresses are not perfectly laying on the ground, their faces are not perfectly looking at the camera and that is exactly what I like.

I don’t mind if my photos are not perfect because I’m not taking photos, I’m capturing memories, and that is what I see through my viewfinder. When I take a photo, I’m imagining this couple two, three or five years down the road. I picture them opening their album and through their photos, relieving that day, remembering something they had forgotten and smiling about it, and in the unfortunate cases where a family member is no longer with them, having that memory of that person on their special day. Yes, that’s why I take so many pictures of grandma.

Yes, the eyes may be a little wrinkled because they were laughing too much, but to me, that is beautiful. As a woman, there have been many times, where I have complained about my own photo, “Danny, I’m fat” or “Wow, that’s how many wrinkles I have now,” and I have failed to see the importance of the moment. A couple of years down the road, I see a different picture, and I wonder why I didn’t like it before. I see a happy place, and I’m thankful for the photo.

That is not to say, that I’m not at the edge of my seat after I show my couples their photos, and when I don’t hear a comment from them, OMG, I feel a void in my heart. I confide in Danny, maybe, they didn’t like them, and he consoles me making me see the big picture.

Yes, I’m no Steve Jobs, and I’m not revolutionizing the world, but in my own small way, I do try to see things down the road and how would that affect my clients’ lives.

Apple - Steve Jobs Wedding Photography



I created this flash card one day that I needed to mute all the noise from the ever so cluttered internet. Since then, anytime I feel stressed, Danny whispers Relax, and then magically, I do . This is my home page and what I see every time I open my internet.

Relax and have a great week.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday 2011

Growing up, all the memories I have of Sundays are of dull days, with nothing much to do. Nostalgia reigned in, specially after lunch when the hot Ecuadorian sun shined the most. No matter how nice the day looked outside, my mom as well as the rest of the city decided that nothing was worth the heat, and all activities were on hold until after the sun set down. Naturally, the streets were empty, and silence invaded our house.

But ever since Isabella was born, I love Sundays. There is nothing better in the world that sleeping in until 8, and waking up to the laugher of a happy toddler kissing you in the cheek. The smell of breakfast, or pancakes from time to time; the games; the joy; I wish I could bottled that happiness and keep it forever. Sundays are just too perfect to describe with words.

Happy Super bowl Sunday everyone!

happy toddler love sundays

Life on the big old tree – Photo of the Week

This is been a brutal winter for the North East. For the last thirty days, we have been covered in snow, and there is more snow on its way. The kids are loving it. With every snowflake, they see the possibility of having fun sledding down the urban icy mountains because the snow has turned into rock solid ice, and with more polar winds announced for next week, the ice will not be melting any time soon. Why does that matter? Well, a strange thing happened yesterday on my backyard.

As I was having breakfast, a large group of squirrels was wondering up and down the big old tree. These would not be unusual; the big old tree is full of life and creatures, but it remains empty, almost lifeless, during the winter months. As the squirrels jumped through the backyard’s fence, Isabella and I rushed to the window to see them, and then up to the tree they jumped again. Then, I remember a cartoon I had seen as a kid. A hungry little squirrel battling through strong winds, and a brutal cold winter looking for food. So what if these poor squirrels are hungry? Danny laughed at me when I came back with a bag of almonds – well, it’s not like I have acorns – but he helped me open the window anyways. I left a few almonds out there just to check if they liked them.

Little by little the almonds disappeared. Huh, you see the squirrels were hungry after all. But then this morning, I spotted a few birds and two cardinals on the big old tree. They were the ones eating the almonds, not the squirrels. So yes, maybe Danny was right and the squirrels were not hungry, but at least I got to see this.

Cardinal Photo on tree during winter


Happy New Year 2011

The countdown is on… a year and a decade are coming to an end tonight. I want to take a moment to thank all my clients. We thank you for trusting us in being your wedding photographers and videographers, and for allowing us to be part of your special day. And thank you for making 2010 such a successful year for us.

A new year is about to begin, and with that, we start a new chapter called 2011. Many new couples will be getting married, and we will be recording new lives , new memories and new love stories. I am thrilled for what this year will bring us; there are many things that we have in store for our new clients. I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2011.

2011 daily planner

The Wedding Central is a wedding photography and wedding video studio owned by Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer, Gaby and Danny, award winning storytellers.  The studio is located right between Hudson and Bergen County, NJ, in the Hoboken Weehawken area and capturing weddings in Northern New Jersey, Central NJ,  and New York City and the tri-state area.

Life, dreams, success and failures

Yesterday was not a very good day for me. I didn’t feel like myself, and I was not the best person to be around. As my birthday was approaching, I felt a weight in me. The weight of unfulfilled dreams, and failure. I thought of the things that I wanted to do and accomplish and have not. As I struggle to understand what is success and how it is measured, I wanted to write this to remind me of my down times. Maybe to go forward once has to take a small step back to look at life from a different perspective. Maybe one has to detach from oneself in order to appreciate what we have in life.

Then this morning came, and I opened my inbox only discover tons of love from my friends and family. The laughter of my daughter, the unconditional love of my mother, and the support and encouragement of my husband. I was overwhelmed by it, and tears cleansed my fears and clear my mind to embrace my life as it is: just dandy.

birthday chocolate cake