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Photography, flowers and the NYC Floral Expo

Last week, I attended the NYC Floral Expo at the Javitz Center. Exporters from around the world travel to NYC to introduce their flowers to the NYC market. Thank you to my friend John Arguetta for inviting me to shoot with him. I met wonderful people, and I got to see many beautiful flowers that are coming up to the NYC flower market. I can wait to see all the beautiful trends at the upcoming weddings.

NYC Floral Expo 2013 - norcal - flowers nyc photographer2013-nyc-flower-expo_0002 2013-nyc-flower-expo_0003 2013-nyc-flower-expo_0004 2013-nyc-flower-expo_0005 2013-nyc-flower-expo_0006 2013-nyc-flower-expo_0009 2013-nyc-flower-expo_00142013-nyc-flower-expo_0011 2013-nyc-flower-expo_0012 2013-nyc-flower-expo_0013 2013-nyc-flower-expo_0015NYC floral expo 2013 - Javits Center - NYC Photographer

Bridal Wedding Photos - New Jersey Wedding Photography

Playing with film

A few months ago, I came across a great photographer, Chelo Keys. Her work and her words inspired me very much, to the point that I found myself buying an old film camera from ebay, which I had never done. Earlier this year, I had vouched to document more of our personal lives, and film just seemed like the perfect medium to do that. It is romantic, and has a timeless look, and I just “needed” a film camera. Fast forward a couple of months, and I’m experiment with different film stocks with non other than Chelo. I called up the usual suspects, and we got ourselves a bridal photo shoot. Here is one from that day – Danny pulled the trigger on this one, as I was too short to focus.
Bridal Wedding Photos - New Jersey Wedding Photography

Thank you to my beautiful model Priscilla for posing for us. A big thank to Deidra Mahon of Deeva Beauty for make-up, and to Lilian Burgos from The Cave for hair, who did an amazing job.

Girl Jumping - New Jersey Child Photography

To childhood friendships and second generations – Photo of the week

Once upon a time, there were two four year old girls who met in Kindergarden. During the next thirteen years, these two girls became inseparable as they went through elementary, junior high and high school together. We were like peas and carrots; peanut butter and jelly. We were both only child, and we understood each other even when we didn’t say a word, although most of the time, we couldn’t stop talking. Our conversations were about nothing and everything. There were always interesting and never boring. Both our moms pushed us to reach for the stars, and we believed there was nothing we couldn’t do if we put our minds, hearts and souls and worked hard towards it.

A few weeks ago, I saw my dear friend Alicia after sooooo many years, emphasis in many years, and I can’t say how happy that made me. An added special bonus was to see her daughter Arianita and my Isabella together. It reminded me of us, of that special time in our lives.

This photo of Arianita represents all of that. It captures that innocence of our childhood friendship; our freedom; our happiness, that desire to reach for the stars and our Joie de Vivre.

Girl Jumping - New Jersey Child Photography

Oh, the freedom of childhood!!

Documentary Portraiture Photographer - Restore NYC - Support Freedom

Helping others through photography – Restore Freedom

Earlier this year, I was burnt out, emotionally, physically and creatively. I questioned myself creatively while I juggled the balance between my professional and my personal life. Wedding Photography is rewarding but very time consuming, and when I’m not shooting a wedding, my time is consumed by photo processing, editing, customer service, and marketing. But where did my creativity go? I was a photographer turned business owner, and I felt a longing in my heart.

As an artist, I felt I was hitting rock bottom, and artistically, I lost a sense of purpose.

Luckily, through on online forum, I became involved on a video project for Restore NYC. Restore is a nonprofit dedicated to restoring freedom and empowering survivors of sex trafficking by providing them a place they can call home and where they can start a healing process. I was the still photographer of this project, and I got to meet some wonderful people who are committed in helping these amazing women. Working on this project and doing documentary portraiture was very gratifying, and seeing the finished video, I felt a sense of pride because I know my photos are part of an effort to help these women by supporting their freedom. Slavery in any way, shape or form is simply not right, and we can help stop it by supporting organizations such at this. If you want to become involved or donate, you can do so here.

Press play to see the finished video.


NJ Wedding Photographer - Shall we dance photo of the week

Shall we dance – Photo of the Week – NJ Wedding Photographer

NJ Wedding Photographer - Shall we dance photo of the week

Shall we dance?

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new year's reslution

New Year’s Resolution : Capturing life: “our life”

In all honesty, I have never been the girl that makes New Year’s Resolution. I mean, I swear never to eat a dessert again after the holidays, but I think I would say that even if the holidays were in June. But this year is different. A few months ago, Isabella’s teacher asked for a family photo, and out of the thousands of pictures that I’d taken in a whole year, I was lucky to find 1, let me repeat, ONE photo of the three of us. The reason that I’m not posting that picture tells you how much I like it.

So I made a promise to myself that I would do my best to take my camera out more often, and capture our lives. Some may call it a New Year’s Resolution. I call it a “Life’s Resolution,” and I plan to have until the eyes are too old to take pictures.

new year's reslution

View of the Brooklyn Bridge from the River cafe

Silent Brooklyn Bridge ” Let us not forget” – Photo of the Week

I stood there looking at the empty Brooklyn Bridge. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and we arrived at the wedding venue two hours early to avoid any unforeseen delays. But it was not a typical Saturday in New York; it was September 11, 2010. I snapped a picture of an empty and silent Brooklyn Bridge. A few degrees to the left, and I would have gotten a skyline that reminded of a day I don’t want to remember. So here is my “Silent Brooklyn Bridge” to help me not forget.

View of the Brooklyn Bridge from the River cafe