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Photo of the Week – Love – love – love

I was browsing through wedding pictures for a new video gallery that I’m working on, and I stumbled across this photo. I remember this wedding as it was yesterday. Yassmine had this picture hanging from the wall, and I borrowed it for this picture. It is just to proof that I’m very nosy, and that some phrases par with wedding details can sometimes take a whole different meaning: LOVE – LOVE – LOVE.

NJ Wedding Photographer - wedding rings

Photo of the Week : Diva Bride

Diva Bride - Bridal Make-up for Weddings

A few weeks ago, we worked on a Beauty Photo Shoot with fabulous bridal makeup artist: Deirdre Mahon from Deeva Beauty and bridal hairstylist : Mercedes Crescimbeni from Crescimbeni Artistry . The goal to capture a Beauty Shot fit for a Diva. I was incredibly thankful to be able to work with up and coming model, Priscilla Oliveira. To say Priscilla is stunning is an understatement, and she is as sweet as she is gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see this beauty take the modeling world by a storm.

Life on the big old tree – Photo of the Week

This is been a brutal winter for the North East. For the last thirty days, we have been covered in snow, and there is more snow on its way. The kids are loving it. With every snowflake, they see the possibility of having fun sledding down the urban icy mountains because the snow has turned into rock solid ice, and with more polar winds announced for next week, the ice will not be melting any time soon. Why does that matter? Well, a strange thing happened yesterday on my backyard.

As I was having breakfast, a large group of squirrels was wondering up and down the big old tree. These would not be unusual; the big old tree is full of life and creatures, but it remains empty, almost lifeless, during the winter months. As the squirrels jumped through the backyard’s fence, Isabella and I rushed to the window to see them, and then up to the tree they jumped again. Then, I remember a cartoon I had seen as a kid. A hungry little squirrel battling through strong winds, and a brutal cold winter looking for food. So what if these poor squirrels are hungry? Danny laughed at me when I came back with a bag of almonds – well, it’s not like I have acorns – but he helped me open the window anyways. I left a few almonds out there just to check if they liked them.

Little by little the almonds disappeared. Huh, you see the squirrels were hungry after all. But then this morning, I spotted a few birds and two cardinals on the big old tree. They were the ones eating the almonds, not the squirrels. So yes, maybe Danny was right and the squirrels were not hungry, but at least I got to see this.

Cardinal Photo on tree during winter


Wedding Boutoniere: Freesias – Photo of the week

The week when I discovered the freesias. This week, I was doing a styled photo shoot for a Royalty Floral Design, and Black Tie White Veil. The goal was to do three different set ups: fall, winter and holidays floral arrangements. So we talked about concepts, set-ups, themes, and of course flowers. When Nila from BTWV suggested freesias, noting really came to mind because I was not familiar with them. So when I arrived for the shooting, I was amazed by the smell of these gorgeous flowers.

Freesias are perennial garden flowers that come in a variety of colors, being white the most common one. They are often used in wedding bouquets and groom’s boutonniere. But the true beauty of this delicate flower is in its wonderful scent.

When I first saw this boutonniere, I thought it was beautiful and delicate, but once I smelled it, freesias became one of my favorite flowers. That’s why I chose this bridal’s groom boutonniere made of freesias as My photo of the week because as I look at the picture, I close my eyes and remember its wonderful fragrance.

Freesia Wedding flowers ideas Freesia Bridal's Groom boutonniereFlowers: Royalty Floral Design  Styling: Black Tie White Veil

The Wedding Central is a wedding photography and cinema wedding video boutique that strives to bring contemporary wedding photography, and cinematic wedding videos. Our studio is located in Hoboken Weehawken area and covers weddings in Northern New Jersey, Jersey Shore, Central NJ, and Manhattan and New York metro area. Owned by Award Winning Storytellers, Gaby Fuentes and Danny Morales, professional wedding photographer and videographer.

Love at First Sight Hoboken Wedding – My Photo of the week

Hoboken it’s such a wonderful city, vibrant, urban and still cozy, the perfect place to take urban wedding photography. You can get the NYC skyline, brownstone, parks, and the urban feeling so many of my couples love.

I knew this will be my picture of the week from the moment I took it. There is no real explanation for it. Maybe it’s their smiles, or the way Sadie and Marvin look at each other; the vibrancy and colors. Maybe it is the New York City background, or the way the sun lights their silhouettes, but there is something about this picture, I just simply love.  Maybe it is simply love at first sight.

Hoboken Wedding Photography

To view Sadie and Marvin Hoboken Wedding Pictures.

The Wedding Central is a wedding photography and wedding video studio owned by Award Winning Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer, Gaby and Danny, voted Best of the Knot Weddings .  The studio is located right between Hudson and Bergen County, NJ, in the Hoboken Weehawken area and capturing weddings in Northern New Jersey, Central NJ, Jersey Shore and New York City and the tri-state area.

Cake Boss Couture Fashionista Cake – Photo of the Week

Yes, it’s a cake! But not your every day cake, it’s a cake from the Cake Boss. I have to admit that it took me a while before I realized this was a cake, and not part of the decor. To my defense, at least, I noticed; Danny had to be told this was a cake. So my photo of the week goes to the most original specialty cake I’ve photographed; a cake that tried to fool me posing as decor, gift or a forgotten Manolo shoe. Like someone can forget a Manolo shoe.

This is a couture inspired fondant cake created by none other that Cake Boss from Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. And it had some amazing details to make a fashionista party girl proud, like a Neiman Marcus shopping bag, a Manolo shoe box, and a juicy couture bag.

And yes, it was as good as it looked.

Couture Cake by Cake Boss from Carlos Bakery in Hoboken

Cake Boss Couture Cake Hot Pink Black and White

Cake Boss Couture Cake Hot Pink Black and White

cake boss carlos bakery fashionista cake

Cake Boss Couture Cake Hot Pink Black and White

The Wedding Central is a wedding photography and wedding video studio owned by Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer, Gaby and Danny, award winning storytellers.  The studio is located right between Hudson and Bergen County, NJ, in the Hoboken Weehawken area and capturing weddings in Northern New Jersey, Central NJ, Jersey Shore and Manhattan, { New York City} and New York metropolitan area.

New Jersey Shore Engagement Photo – Photo of the Week

When I first talked to Mike and Courtney about their engagement session, Mike asked if he had to wear a long sleeve shirt to cover his tattoos. Quite the contrary, since the tattoos are part who he is, I decided to showcase them in a couple of pictures, this being one of them. Courtney is so beautiful, and she has stunning skin and eyes, so I was really looking for a way to accentuate these features. With these among other things in mind, we started their engagement pictures, and as I was about to take this picture, Courtney gently kissed Mike’s arms, totally unscripted, and I knew I was in front of magic. Everything that I was looking in one picture: without seeing Mike’s face, we see him through this tattoos, which are juxtaposed wit her porcelain skin, and those eyes say nothing less than I LOVE YOU. Thanks Courtney and Mike for being so great.

Mike and Courtney will be married this October at the Brownstone in New Jersey.

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