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Pinterest - Gabriela Fuentes - NJ wedding photographer wedding ideas

What is Pinterest?

Have you heard a social media phenomenon called Pinterest? If you have, you are probably too busy pinning to bother with this post. But if you haven’t, let me tell you what it is.

Pinterest is pinboard for online photos. If you like tearing photos from your favorite magazines to add them to a board or folder, then you will love Pinterest. With Pinterest, you can create as many Boards as you like, and pin photos from the web to a particular Pinboard. For example, I’ve created different pinboards like Engagement Fashion with outfit ideas for my brides’ engagement sessions. Wedding Ideas, where I let my imagination fly and pin some gorgeous wedding details. Fashion for Him, my grooms also ask for suggestions for their engagements, and actually this board has turned to be more popular than I expected. And my ultimate Christmas wish list, which I cleverly named Fashion.

I think Pinterest is a Bride’s best friend because you can create inspiration boards for all things wedding. Imagine a board for “My Wedding” “Wedding dresses I love” “Shoes to die for.” Then next time you are browsing those addictive wedding blogs and see something you like, you can Pin it to any of your boards, and voila, you have yourself an inspiration board. Pinterest also allows you to add collaborators to your boards, so you can ask your bridesmaids to Pin their favorite outfits to “Unique Bridesmaid’s dresses.”

Pinterest - Gabriela Fuentes - NJ wedding photographer wedding ideas

Another great feature is the option to follow people or boards you like. If you see something you like, you can simply re-pin to your boards.

You’re sold? Well, before you make dig in, let me warn you, Pinterest is addictive, and once you try it, you will be hooked! I created my account, and it was love at first sight.

You need an invitation to join Pinterest, or you can ask to be added to your waiting list, so if you want an invitation, please be sure to leave your email address on the comment section, and I will be glad to add you!!

Let the pinning begin!!

piramid chichen itza - vacations cancun

Tips if you are visiting Cancun, Mexico

After our recent trip to Cancun, a few people asked us about about our experience and if we had any recommendations and tips for their own trips. I decided to put a little guide together of the things we learned during our recent trip; hopefully this will help you if you are thinking of visiting Cancun, Mexico. These tips apply if you are visiting on your honeymoon, relaxation and just family vacation.

Check out the All inclusive packages
I didn’t know this, but Cancun is said to be known for its all inclusive deals. Like any place, if you don’t know where to shop or where the good restaurants are, food and drinks can be very expensive, so having an all inclusive option will save you a lot of money. Not everyone likes this option because you are limited to the food at your hotel, but in our case, it worked very well. Just be warned, you will be putting on a few pounds.

hamacas mayan art crafts - chichen itza - vacations cancun [pinit]

Be aware of timeshares
Upon arriving to Cancun, chances are you will be approached by people asking you where are you visiting from. Most likely, they will try to convince you of accepting a presentation aka. timeshare. You can easily confuse them with airport staff willing to help you, your shuttle, or travel agencies selling tickets to their most popular attractions, but in reality they want to sell you a presentation for a timeshare, and they are very good at it, employing the old car salesman tactics. They will not say timeshare, but something like presentation, tour to my hotel, here is a way you can save money, and they will always ask for a credit card to put a deposit towards your tickets.

Beware. Timeshare people are a plague invading Cancun, and if you are lucky to get away from them at the airport, you will find them at the hotels, malls, and almost anywhere. So do yourselves a favor, and just say I don’t have a credit card.

Mexico’s best asset: it’s people
OK, to be fair, not everyone is out to get tourists. Mexicans are absolutely AMAZING. That was the number one reason we came back because we remembered how awesome Mexicans were. They always have a smile on their faces, and they are super courteous and kind. If it depended on them, they will make sure your stay is as pleasant as possible. In case, you are wondering, everyone speaks English, so no need to look for your Spanish dictionary.

Paradise awaiting

From the moment we landed, I was in love. The blues skies, weather, beautiful beaches and the light, yes the light is just gorgeous. But be adventurous and go beyond the hotel area because paradise is awaiting. Cancun is very close to the Mayan Riviera, and there are so many beautiful places to visit like: Chitche Itza, Cozumel, Tulum, Xcaret, cenotes, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Coral Reefs and so much more.

Because we were staying only 7 days, and we wanted to just sit down and do nothing, we only took two full day trips, and 1 shorter trip.

Chitchen Itza
Visiting Chichen Itza is an absolute must if you are traveling to Cancun. The trip takes about three hours, but you make 2 stops prior to arriving to Chichen Itza. The first stop is a trip to a cenote, which is a type of underground cave with a deep lagoon. This was on top of my list of places to visit before I died. If you dare, you can take a swim. It was a little too cold for me, but Danny did it, and he said it’s one of the best experiences in his live.

After visiting the cenote, we visited a small Mayan Community, where you can buy their crafts or their famous Mayan calendar written in their own paper. Super cool.

After an OK lunch, we continued our trip to Chichen Itza. We feel extremely lucky to have had such an amazing guide. He was incredibly passionate and knowledgable, and he taught us a lot about the Mayans, their history and culture. By the time we arrive in Chichen Itza, we were prepared to understand a little better this amazing civilization.

Price: $50 – $60 per person
Includes: Shuttle from/ to hotel, transportation to Kukulcan Pyramid, tour guide, trip to a cenote, entrance to see the Mayan ruins, and lunch – beverages are not included
Bring: swimsuit, towel, sunblock, hat, water, money, comfy shoes.

piramid chichen itza - vacations cancun

If you love eco tourism, Xcaret is the place for you. Think Disney, but without roller coaster, princesses, fast food and way better, at least for me. The whole park feels natural, and after a while you forget you are in a man made park, even the garbage cans are pretty. There are lots of things to see and experience: you can swim in undergrounds rivers, see Mayan ruins, walk through a jungle trail, take a boat ride where you feel in paradise, or just stop and watch dozens of shows. Xcaret is most known for their animal conservation programs, so logically there are lots of beautiful animals, like sea turtles, one of my favorite animals ever, cage free macaws, tapirs, sharks, manatees, sharks, crocodiles, flamingos, iguanas roaming free and of course, super friendly dolphins. You can schedule swimming with dolphins or sharks.

After much convincing, I agreed to swim through an underground river, but because the thought of swimming through totally dark underground river was a little too much for me, we opted for a river called Manatee, the least underground of the three. I’m still trying to convince Danny that it was a good decision because it was indeed beautiful.

Another must at Xcaret is the 6PM show. The show is absolutely amazing, and it gives you a little taste of Mexico.

Who would have known, but you can also get married at Xcaret, visit Xcaret weddings.

In our case, the travel agency sold us a regular admission, so don’t think you need to get the Plus package. Besides the buffet restaurants, which charge a whooping $29 per person, there is a beautiful open restaurant called Orchids, where the food is excellent and reasonably priced. We paid $35 for the four of us, much better than paying $40 extra per person.

With Xcaret you can even buy your tickets online in the comfort of your home.

Price: $98.10 per person regular admission – $139 per person, plus package (includes an all you can eat buffet)
Includes: Shuttle from/ to hotel, transportation to Xcaret, entrance to Xcaret, and most activities.
Bring: swimsuit, towel, sunblock, hat, water, money, comfy shoes.

river xcaret - vacations cancun

Coral Reefs
If you get a chance, take a tour to a coral reef. It is absolutely an amazing experience. You get to ride a boat, sail through mangroves and do some snorkeling. You will see an beautiful coral reef and get to swim with very curious fish.

Price: $49 per person
Includes: Boat rental, guide, snorkeling gear (new tube)
Bring: swimsuit, towel, sunblock, hat, water, money, comfy shoes.

cancun beach - vacations cancun

I can’t say enough good things about Cancun just that we’re already planning our next visit.

nj wedding videographer danny morales

What to look for in a wedding videographer?

Recently, my cousin became engaged, and I will be his best man. Naturally, the subject of who will be his wedding videographer came up. His answer was simple: what should I look for in a wedding videographer? I had to think a little bit before answering. I mean, I never really thought about it from a client’s perspective, and I realized that this must be what many couples go through when choosing a wedding videographer. So I would like to shed some light on the subject.

What to look for in a wedding videographer?

…from a videographer’s perspective!


When I was looking for a doctor, a good friend of mine, who is an excellent surgeon, told me: “If you have to select a doctor, would you go with the one that does one or two operations a month, or the one that does three surgeries a week?” I did not have to think twice. The answer was obvious, the one who does three operations a week. Why is that? That doctor who does more surgeries is obviously more experienced.

When you look for a wedding videographer, that same remains true. On average, a busy wedding videographer will record about 20-35 weddings per year. Above 35 weddings could be overkill.

First of all, make sure that your wedding videographer has done more than thirty weddings. A wedding videographer that has done more than fifty wedding could be easily considered an experienced videographer.

I wouldn’t really put much weight if the wedding videographer says that he or she has two, three or five years of experience. It does not really matter.  What matters is how many wedding he or she has done. The more the merrier.

Why is experience so important to me ? Because in DSLR video, focusing is extremely important and difficult, and practice makes master. Unless your taste is for video that goes in and out of focus, you should look for a videographer what will keep your video in focus.

One vs Multiple videographers

Ask if the videographer can show you videos that he or she has done alone in a wedding. And then work that they have done with 2 or 3 videographers. This is really important.

Depending on your budget you may want to go with only one wedding videographer instead of multiple wedding videographers. Watch samples of his or her work while shooting a wedding video alone. Ask what is the best position he or she adopts during the ceremony and the reception.

Ask to see work while working with several videographers as well. How they position each camera during the ceremony and reception.

Ask to watch excerpts of a wedding video more than a highlight. Many wedding videographers emphasize in the highlight more than the wedding video itself. I have seen wedding videographers missing important parts of the ceremony because they are working to get an exotic angle down from the aisle floor or with the slider. They do this just to create more production value to their highlight to show future clients.


Another important matter to discuss is their equipment. If you are paying a wedding videographer, let say more than 2000 dollars, check that they are using DSLR cameras, preferably canon cameras.

There are many, but many wedding videographers still using regular HD cameras, which give you acceptable image, but not cinematic look like DSLR cameras would give you.


Ask about lighting. Discuss about the lighting at the ceremony. Churches usually have good lighting, but if the church it not well illuminated, ask the wedding videographer how they deal with low light situations.

It’s really important to ask about lighting for the reception. How do they plan to use them and what type of lighting equipment they use?

Reception halls are usually very dark, which makes wedding videography very challenging because you have to manage good lighting while not killing the mood. Confirm that your wedding videographer will have enough lighting for introductions, first dance, dance with parents, speeches, cutting the cake – the all the important moments of the reception.

Ask about lighting while dancing. Check that they do not use too much lighting that could kill the mood of the reception, or the lighting the dj or lighting specialist are using for your wedding. But, make sure they use a good source of lighting to illuminate your guests dancing.


Image quality is just half of your wedding video, sound is the other half.

A wedding video with bad sound could damage the quality of the video.

Ask the wedding videographer how they capture sound during the ceremony and reception, specially if you are getting married at a church, which has a lot a reverberation. Just make sure your wedding videographer mics the officiant or officiants, the groom and podium. They should be able to capture good sound from anywhere people will be talking or singing.

Make certain that they put a microphone on the singer, or at least put a recording equipment close to them if they do not have more lavaliere microphones or there are more than one singer.

Sound at the reception hall:

The reception is very noisy. People cheering, talking, etc. Talk to your wedding videographer and make sure they get the sound from different sources like plugging their recording device right from the dj or band. Wedding videographers must also capture ambiance sound (ambience sound is important to get reactions from your guests)

Being unobtrusive

One important matter to discuss is how they work. I have seen videographers who are very obtrusive, so much, that they have 2 or 3 videographers very close to the bride and groom while doing the first dance or when they are dancing with their parents. They are very obtrusive in a way that it is impossible for the wedding photographers to capture a decent picture of the couple. Many videographers, trying to capture exotic angles or images for their highlights, become noisy and noticeable during the wedding ceremony and during the reception. Make sure they are respectful, unobtrusive and share a good working relationship with the photographers or any other vendor.

Video Length

Ask how long your wedding video will be. I have heard of wedding videographers that charge a great amount of money for their service, but only provide a 5 minute highlight and unedited raw footage. If you pay a couple thousands more, they give you 20 to 30 minutes wedding video. They reason that a video of more than 30 minutes could be boring and people would not enjoy it. I am one of those wedding videographers, who does not believe that. I think that the client could get a nicely edited wedding video of the entire wedding without being boring. If you would like to jump to certain part of the video, there are always the chapters. Just go to the scene selection on your dvd or blu ray and select whatever you would like to watch. Don’t take me wrong, a shorter version of your wedding video is awesome, and we do offer it. In fact, we were one of the first studios to introduce this concept, but I just don’t think that it should replace a long version of your complete wedding video.


Ask about the turnaround of the work. There are many wedding videographers that promise a first draft of your wedding video in five or six months. In my opinion that is too long. I provide a first draft of a wedding video within 2 months from the wedding day, so I can’t really comprehend six months.

Check how the final product is delivered. There are many wedding videographers that are still providing their clients with dvd only, and what good is it to record something in hd if it will be delivered in standard definition. Other wedding videographers will charge extra for blu rays. So make sure you know the final format. Even if you don’t have Blu-ray, make sure you get Blu-rays.

Ask if they provide unlimited access to the video online or the digital copies for your mobile device.

Check if they allow changes to your wedding video and how the terms are for these changes.

A wedding video is one of the best memories you will have from your wedding day. You need to make sure that you will get the best possible wedding video.

Have a happy wedding!

Danny Morales

Wedding Videographer, Best of Weddings in Wedding Videography

Affordable chic and delicious cakes in Bergen County New Jersey

MOD Cakery – Stylish, delicious and affordable cakes in New Jersey

We met in cyber world… I was looking for a cake designer, she needed some photography advice, but what we got in return was a very nice friendship. For the past year, Lisa has been my pen pal, cheerleader of my work, business coach, and, often times, she has given me that kick in the b*** that I needed to push my business forward.

Lisa is owner of Sweet Grace Cake Designs, a custom cake design studio in New Jersey, who specializes in custom birthday cakes and specialty custom cakes. After being in business for a little less than two years, her career has catapulted in a way that can only describe her as the rising star of Cake Design. Her work has been featured in Grace Ormonde, Bride’s Magazine, Get Married, Contemporary Bride, 201 Brides, and several blogs, Wedding Channel included her cakes in “50 Wedding Cakes that you will love” and even Martha Stuart “Dreamers into doers” interviewed her for a very nice feature about her company.

Every Monday, after I have my cup of Joe, I’m always looking forward to seeing the custom cakes she has done over the weekend: from polar bears, car cakes, super girly birthday cakes, to extremely elaborate sugar flowers wedding cakes, her designs really inspire me.

Today, it’s a special Monday because Lisa is launching a new company, Mod Cakery. Mod Cakery, sister company of Sweet Grace, specializes in stylish, delicious and yet affordable cakes. Mod Cakery designs are chic and stylish, with color patterns that seem taken out of a Martha Stewart Magazine or a pottery barn kids catalog, with a base price of $100 for 20 – 24 people. It’s really nice to know a nice and chic cake studio for that special gathering, birthday party, or even an elopement, where you really want a nice cake, that tastes good, but that’s not going to break your budget. I have been looking a such a place for many years, and I’m sure many people have faced the same dilemma.

Last week, Danny and I were surrounded by these delicious cakes, when we photographed TWENTY cakes in just a few hours, and boy it was so hard to resist eating these goodies. After seeing this company come to live, from the very first cake design, to styling ideas for the photo shoot, I’ve been waiting for the day when Mod Cakery’s webiste would be live, and I’m SOOOO happy that day is finally here. I want to wish my friend Lisa all the luck in the world on this new phase of her career.

Elegant ruffles cake – Elopement Wedding Cake

Affordable chic and delicious cakes in Bergen County New Jersey


rustic mr and mrs wedding sign - hand crafted wedding signs

Meet Tomyka and UMYK Designz

Over this past year, we have worked on several weddings with Pure Ambiance, a fabulous event planning company, and naturally, after working for some many hours together, we have developed a bond with the girls. Each member of the team has special qualities that make them unique, and memorable.

Early this year, we were photographing a celebrity 18th Birthday party. This party was like no other. Guests were dancing, aerialists hanged from the ceiling, everyone was having a good time, and then from a distance I saw a platter full of cupcakes making its way through the crowd. Enter Tomyka. In a situation, where I would have been, “uhm excuse me” “watch out,” Tomyka was distributing cupcakes with a smile on her face, and dancing to the beat of music, a cupcake never tasted better. Since then, I have enjoyed Tomyka’s contagious laughter, and her great talent for hand crafted details, which we have photographed along the way.

A few months ago, she took a huge step and created her own company UMYK Designz, U stands for unique, and Myk is the nickname her mother, who is no longer with us, gave her.

UMYK Designz focuses on providing high-quality hand crafted services like hand painted aisle runners, gorgeous “Mr. and Mrs” hand painted signs, swarovski crystal cake toppers, and non-wedding related items like, swarovski crystal cell phone and iPad cases, and swarovski crystal shoes.

I mean, if I want to trust someone to design details for my wedding, I want to know they are talented, professional and I can get along with them. Tomyka embodies all three qualities. Good luck my friend on your new business.

rustic mr and mrs wedding sign - hand crafted wedding details


What is a Memory ?

The other day, Danny and I were talking to one of our couples about their recent wedding, and our wedding. What we all remembered from our respective weddings, and what we don’t remember at all!

Because I’m a very visual person, I have always wondered about the significance of memories. What makes us remember some things and forget others. My obvious answer is that we remember the things that are important to us, the things that impact our lives either in a positive or negative way, and the things that change us.

Yet, there are very special moments in my life, including important parts of my wedding that I can’t remember. At least not without the help of a photo. So what makes a memory? The scientific definition tell us that “memory is an organism’s ability to store, retain, and recall information and experiences.”

So what happens when we can’t remember important events? Is it possible to build memories with the help of images and photos? Is it possible that a picture will help you recall an event or experience ? I definitely believe so.

These questions, and more importantly the answer, have made me re-evaluate the importance of what I do and how it impacts other peoples lives. I realize that I’m doing more than taking photos, I am safe keeping memories.

Photography FAQ – What is a First Look?

So what is a first look? Since that notion has become more popular, many brides ask that question because they are not really sure what it means. A first look is a moment staged and set up by a wedding photographer for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. Normally, bride and groom would agree with your wedding photographer on site away from family and friends to give them privacy and to make that moment just for them. Ok, not really away, but a few feet away. The groom would be looking away -at the wedding photographer – while the bride starts walking down towards him. She will tap his shoulder, and he will turn around and see his beautiful bride for the first time.

After they have had a moment to themselves, we head to take some bride and groom portraits, then of course we take pictures with the family and the bridal party. We tuck away the bride before guests arrive. That pretty much sets you free to relax and enjoy your wedding.

Certainly, I don’t impose myself on any of my brides and grooms, but whenever I am asked for my professional opinion, I recommend the First Look. Here is why. A lot will happen on your wedding day; a couple in love will get married, greet guests, mingle, have a first dance, dance with parents, eat, toast, have a bouquet and garter celebration, cut the cake, have their bridal portraits, and portraits with bridal party and family. If the ceremony and reception will happen at the same place, all that will happen in five and half hours.

By having a first look, you are basically adding two more  hours to your wedding day, which means that you will get two hours of photography instead of the forty to forty five minutes you end up having if you are having your pictures taken during the cocktail hour. This translates to having more time for those magazine bridal portraits you like, and for more candid and fun pictures with your bridal party and family. Since you already had your pictures taken, you can actually enjoy your cocktail hour, which means that both of you can eat, and be happy. If you are not having a private cocktail hour, you can mingle with your guests, and greet them during this time. This is such a great time for candid and photojournalistic pictures.

Yes, you will be giving something up. The first time he sees you at the altar wearing your wedding gown, but he will still be just as happy to see you walking down the aisle.

What is a wedding photography first look?

What is a wedding photography first look?

What is a wedding photography first look?

What is a wedding photography first look?

new jersey wedding photographer

Voted Best of the Knot Weddings and among the New Jersey’s Ten Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers. The Wedding Central is a wedding photography and wedding video studio owned by Award Winning Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer, Gaby and Danny. The studio is located Northern New Jersey and serving Bergen County NJ, Northern, Central NJ, Jersey Shore and New York City Metropolitan area.

Top Wedding Trends I wish to see in 2011

Ok, I confess, I’m not very good at making New Year’s resolutions, and I’m even worse at keeping them. Some of my zumba dvds are still wrapped, with its original packing, not to mention that I nagged Danny to death until he got them for me as a Birthday present. So in lieu of a resolution list, I decided to create a Wish List. And since I breath and dream about weddings, I decided to make a Wedding Wish List. This is a list of things I wish would happen more often during Weddings in 2011.

1. First Look.
If I had to make just one wedding wish for 2011, this would be it. I love the First Look. It allows couples to have beautiful pictures without the rush. Because we are adding time to the timeline, they have more time to enjoy themselves, and their party.

2. Cut to the chase, and Cut the cake right after you enter.
If you are like me, you know that after cutting of the cake, the party is basically over, but wait it ain’t over till it’s over, so why not cut the cake right after the big entrance, with all the excitement. Later on, once the dance floor is packed, Mr. DJ won’t have to break the dancing to announce you are about to cut the cake. Hey, who needs cake when you are dancing to Lady Gaga. Well, maybe I do, but I rather eat it at my own pace.

3. Weddings that are on time.
Have you ever been to a wedding where you had to sit out in the sun during a hot summer for twenty minutes waiting for the bride to come. It’s no fun, right? So why do that to your guests. Why keep them waiting? Why torture the ones who are on time waiting for those who did not make it on time.

4. Brides who enjoy their weddings.
You have dreamed about this day forever, you wanted it to be perfect, and with the man you truly love, now please enjoy it. For brides who tell me they want photojournalistic pictures, please be happy. I need you to be happy because photojournalistic means documenting the day as it happens. Would it help if I sing Don’t Worry, Be happy?

5. Reception lighting.
I lOVE reception lighting. They make the room look beautiful and perfect.

6. Clutter free bridal suites and and bride’s room
When you imagine your getting ready pictures, you may picture yourself surrounded by your mom and closest friends, all happy and beautiful. So let’s make it happen by removing anything from the room that will take our attention away from this joyous moment.

7. The revival of the Wedding Planner.
My daughter is two, and Danny and myself have already decided that she will have a wedding planner. If you can afford it, why worry?

8. Don’t go bridezilla.
Remember that just because it’s your wedding day, it doesn’t mean you get a free pass to go Bridezilla. Relax, and if things don’t come up the way you wish them to be, remember Don’t Worry be Happy.

9. Day After Photo Shoot.
Day after photo shoot, also known as “Trash the Dress” or “Rock the dress” allows the best of both worlds. Not seeing each other before the wedding – First Look, but it still allows time for couples to have beautiful wedding pictures. This is the perfect option for those brides who truly don’t want to see their grooms before their weddings.

10. Party like there is no tomorrow.
As a wedding photographer, I get asked what is the one wedding trend for 2011, and I have to say to Partey.

2011 Wedding Trends

Voted Best of the Knot Weddings and among the New Jersey’s Ten Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers. The Wedding Central is a wedding photography and wedding video studio owned by Award Winning Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer, Gaby and Danny. The studio is located Northern New Jersey and serving Bergen County NJ, Northern, Central NJ, Jersey Shore and New York City Metropolitan area.

How to trust wedding reviews and know who is legit?

The other day, a group of wedding professionals and myself were discussing some concerns brides are expressing: How to trust wedding reviews? Which ones are legitimate? And the bottom line: Who to trust among so many wedding professionals out there? This got me thinking…. and thinking… and thinking so more.

Reviews are a catch 22.
Reviews are a catch 22 for any wedding professional. They make us look good and bad, but we need them.

No reviews: not good – signals lack of experience – “they’re probably just starting”
Bad review: no trust – signals bad reputation – “run Forrest, run.”
Somewhat good reviews: some trust, some doubt – not enough trust- “Uhm, not sure. Next!”
Too many good reviews: too good to be true – fishy – “Really how can everyone just love them. They must be posting those reviews to look good.”

So what’s next for wedding professionals and brides. As a professional, how can I prove that my reviews are legit? And for brides, how can you trust they are legit?

wedding reviews

Too many options…
First of all, I must admit that it must be daunting for any bride to choose a wedding vendor out of hundreds that are out there. On the other hand, because there are so many options, it means there is a vendor with a style, personality, experience and price range that is right for every bride.

But how can you find them?
How do you discern the real professional from scams. The experienced from the inexperienced. “The one who is charging way too much, if I can get the same thing cheaper.”

Engage with them!
This is what I do whenever I’m looking for a service. Point out the ones whose work you like, and engage with them. Follow them on Fb, or twitter, and follow their blog via their RSS. That way you know what are they up to; how are they like; if their personalities are a good match with yours and that of your fiance; how many weddings they do a year, which will tell you how much experience they have.

This will give you The bigger picture of who they are. And let them know you are out there. Once you know them, and have seen their work and their weddings, the reviews will make more sense. You may start pointing out reviews to real people, “Oh, this is the girl from the garden wedding; oh yeah, I know who she is.”

how to know which wedding reviews are legitimate

PS. Ok, the pictures with tags are cheesy, but you get the point.

Confused bride: Nila del Rio, from Black Tie White Veil Events
Wedding Planner: Veruschka del Rio, from Black Tie White Veil Events
Make up artist: Veronica Garcia

The Wedding Central is a wedding photography and cinema wedding video boutique that strives to bring contemporary wedding photography, and cinematic wedding videos. Our studio is located in Hoboken Weehawken area and covers weddings in Northern New Jersey, Jersey Shore, Central NJ,  and Manhattan and New York metro area.