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How to trust wedding reviews and know who is legit?

The other day, a group of wedding professionals and myself were discussing some concerns brides are expressing: How to trust wedding reviews? Which ones are legitimate? And the bottom line: Who to trust among so many wedding professionals out there? This got me thinking…. and thinking… and thinking so more.

Reviews are a catch 22.
Reviews are a catch 22 for any wedding professional. They make us look good and bad, but we need them.

No reviews: not good – signals lack of experience – “they’re probably just starting”
Bad review: no trust – signals bad reputation – “run Forrest, run.”
Somewhat good reviews: some trust, some doubt – not enough trust- “Uhm, not sure. Next!”
Too many good reviews: too good to be true – fishy – “Really how can everyone just love them. They must be posting those reviews to look good.”

So what’s next for wedding professionals and brides. As a professional, how can I prove that my reviews are legit? And for brides, how can you trust they are legit?

wedding reviews

Too many options…
First of all, I must admit that it must be daunting for any bride to choose a wedding vendor out of hundreds that are out there. On the other hand, because there are so many options, it means there is a vendor with a style, personality, experience and price range that is right for every bride.

But how can you find them?
How do you discern the real professional from scams. The experienced from the inexperienced. “The one who is charging way too much, if I can get the same thing cheaper.”

Engage with them!
This is what I do whenever I’m looking for a service. Point out the ones whose work you like, and engage with them. Follow them on Fb, or twitter, and follow their blog via their RSS. That way you know what are they up to; how are they like; if their personalities are a good match with yours and that of your fiance; how many weddings they do a year, which will tell you how much experience they have.

This will give you The bigger picture of who they are. And let them know you are out there. Once you know them, and have seen their work and their weddings, the reviews will make more sense. You may start pointing out reviews to real people, “Oh, this is the girl from the garden wedding; oh yeah, I know who she is.”

how to know which wedding reviews are legitimate

PS. Ok, the pictures with tags are cheesy, but you get the point.

Confused bride: Nila del Rio, from Black Tie White Veil Events
Wedding Planner: Veruschka del Rio, from Black Tie White Veil Events
Make up artist: Veronica Garcia

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