Happy Super Bowl Sunday 2011

Growing up, all the memories I have of Sundays are of dull days, with nothing much to do. Nostalgia reigned in, specially after lunch when the hot Ecuadorian sun shined the most. No matter how nice the day looked outside, my mom as well as the rest of the city decided that nothing was worth the heat, and all activities were on hold until after the sun set down. Naturally, the streets were empty, and silence invaded our house.

But ever since Isabella was born, I love Sundays. There is nothing better in the world that sleeping in until 8, and waking up to the laugher of a happy toddler kissing you in the cheek. The smell of breakfast, or pancakes from time to time; the games; the joy; I wish I could bottled that happiness and keep it forever. Sundays are just too perfect to describe with words.

Happy Super bowl Sunday everyone!

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