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rustic mr and mrs wedding sign - hand crafted wedding signs

Meet Tomyka and UMYK Designz

Over this past year, we have worked on several weddings with Pure Ambiance, a fabulous event planning company, and naturally, after working for some many hours together, we have developed a bond with the girls. Each member of the team has special qualities that make them unique, and memorable.

Early this year, we were photographing a celebrity 18th Birthday party. This party was like no other. Guests were dancing, aerialists hanged from the ceiling, everyone was having a good time, and then from a distance I saw a platter full of cupcakes making its way through the crowd. Enter Tomyka. In a situation, where I would have been, “uhm excuse me” “watch out,” Tomyka was distributing cupcakes with a smile on her face, and dancing to the beat of music, a cupcake never tasted better. Since then, I have enjoyed Tomyka’s contagious laughter, and her great talent for hand crafted details, which we have photographed along the way.

A few months ago, she took a huge step and created her own company UMYK Designz, U stands for unique, and Myk is the nickname her mother, who is no longer with us, gave her.

UMYK Designz focuses on providing high-quality hand crafted services like hand painted aisle runners, gorgeous “Mr. and Mrs” hand painted signs, swarovski crystal cake toppers, and non-wedding related items like, swarovski crystal cell phone and iPad cases, and swarovski crystal shoes.

I mean, if I want to trust someone to design details for my wedding, I want to know they are talented, professional and I can get along with them. Tomyka embodies all three qualities. Good luck my friend on your new business.

rustic mr and mrs wedding sign - hand crafted wedding details