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Affordable chic and delicious cakes in Bergen County New Jersey

MOD Cakery – Stylish, delicious and affordable cakes in New Jersey

We met in cyber world… I was looking for a cake designer, she needed some photography advice, but what we got in return was a very nice friendship. For the past year, Lisa has been my pen pal, cheerleader of my work, business coach, and, often times, she has given me that kick in the b*** that I needed to push my business forward.

Lisa is owner of Sweet Grace Cake Designs, a custom cake design studio in New Jersey, who specializes in custom birthday cakes and specialty custom cakes. After being in business for a little less than two years, her career has catapulted in a way that can only describe her as the rising star of Cake Design. Her work has been featured in Grace Ormonde, Bride’s Magazine, Get Married, Contemporary Bride, 201 Brides, and several blogs, Wedding Channel included her cakes in “50 Wedding Cakes that you will love” and even Martha Stuart “Dreamers into doers” interviewed her for a very nice feature about her company.

Every Monday, after I have my cup of Joe, I’m always looking forward to seeing the custom cakes she has done over the weekend: from polar bears, car cakes, super girly birthday cakes, to extremely elaborate sugar flowers wedding cakes, her designs really inspire me.

Today, it’s a special Monday because Lisa is launching a new company, Mod Cakery. Mod Cakery, sister company of Sweet Grace, specializes in stylish, delicious and yet affordable cakes. Mod Cakery designs are chic and stylish, with color patterns that seem taken out of a Martha Stewart Magazine or a pottery barn kids catalog, with a base price of $100 for 20 – 24 people. It’s really nice to know a nice and chic cake studio for that special gathering, birthday party, or even an elopement, where you really want a nice cake, that tastes good, but that’s not going to break your budget. I have been looking a such a place for many years, and I’m sure many people have faced the same dilemma.

Last week, Danny and I were surrounded by these delicious cakes, when we photographed TWENTY cakes in just a few hours, and boy it was so hard to resist eating these goodies. After seeing this company come to live, from the very first cake design, to styling ideas for the photo shoot, I’ve been waiting for the day when Mod Cakery’s webiste would be live, and I’m SOOOO happy that day is finally here. I want to wish my friend Lisa all the luck in the world on this new phase of her career.

Elegant ruffles cake – Elopement Wedding Cake

Affordable chic and delicious cakes in Bergen County New Jersey