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Photography FAQ – What is a First Look?

So what is a first look? Since that notion has become more popular, many brides ask that question because they are not really sure what it means. A first look is a moment staged and set up by a wedding photographer for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. Normally, bride and groom would agree with your wedding photographer on site away from family and friends to give them privacy and to make that moment just for them. Ok, not really away, but a few feet away. The groom would be looking away -at the wedding photographer – while the bride starts walking down towards him. She will tap his shoulder, and he will turn around and see his beautiful bride for the first time.

After they have had a moment to themselves, we head to take some bride and groom portraits, then of course we take pictures with the family and the bridal party. We tuck away the bride before guests arrive. That pretty much sets you free to relax and enjoy your wedding.

Certainly, I don’t impose myself on any of my brides and grooms, but whenever I am asked for my professional opinion, I recommend the First Look. Here is why. A lot will happen on your wedding day; a couple in love will get married, greet guests, mingle, have a first dance, dance with parents, eat, toast, have a bouquet and garter celebration, cut the cake, have their bridal portraits, and portraits with bridal party and family. If the ceremony and reception will happen at the same place, all that will happen in five and half hours.

By having a first look, you are basically adding two more  hours to your wedding day, which means that you will get two hours of photography instead of the forty to forty five minutes you end up having if you are having your pictures taken during the cocktail hour. This translates to having more time for those magazine bridal portraits you like, and for more candid and fun pictures with your bridal party and family. Since you already had your pictures taken, you can actually enjoy your cocktail hour, which means that both of you can eat, and be happy. If you are not having a private cocktail hour, you can mingle with your guests, and greet them during this time. This is such a great time for candid and photojournalistic pictures.

Yes, you will be giving something up. The first time he sees you at the altar wearing your wedding gown, but he will still be just as happy to see you walking down the aisle.

What is a wedding photography first look?

What is a wedding photography first look?

What is a wedding photography first look?

What is a wedding photography first look?

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Photography Q&A – Getting your Wedding Published

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a conference given by Rebecca Crumley, Wedding Photo Editor of The Knot magazine. I’ve been following her on twitter for some time, and she is absolutely a joy. Rebecca cares so much about her job, and she was extremely gracious when I asked her for an interview for our blog about how to get your wedding published.

How to get your Wedding Published

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What advice can you give brides who want to have their weddings published?
Really take the time to come up with creative ideas that are both unique to you and original. Take inspiration from everything we share on, but if you directly copy the ideas, it’s already done. But more importantly, it’s your wedding and remember that—it’s not a media event!

What are the things you are looking for in a wedding submission?
Details, details, details. It’s very important that you work with your photographer on your time schedule to leave time for décor photos. It takes time to pull it off properly, so if your goal is to have your wedding published, this needs to be allotted for in your day’s schedule.

What are the top must have wedding details?
Cake, bouquets, stationery (yes! Bring your invitation to the wedding day so your photographer can shoot it), an overall of both the reception and ceremony before the guests arrive, candid bridal party shots, table décor, boutonnieres, favors, exits, and more details….

What is the worst mistake a bride can make in terms of wedding decor?
Broad answer: not consistently matching your colors. So make sure your stationery matches the overall palette

Fine tune answer: wrinkled linens

Where can a bride get inspiration for her wedding?
Follow “Wedding Obsessions” blog – – where we report on the little details that impress us. And, of course, browse through the thousands of inspirational photos we have on

What nice wedding trends are you seeing for 2011?
Right now we’re seeing a buttoned-up version of the shabby-chic wedding: slightly more formal while still casual. But we’re projecting with the buzz of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and the hyped royal wedding of Prince Charles that brides will be gearing up to go all formal again soon!

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