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Tomyka Family Portraits

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was working seven days a week, fourteen hours a day, for several months straight. After shooting a much anticipated and great event, she stayed up until 3AM. The next day, while she prepared for a family portrait for a friend, this girl got a migraine…. and I mean a category 5 migraine. So this girl told her husband she would lay down for 5 minutes…. only 5 minutes, and then wake me up… to thought, maybe the combination of Tylenol and a miracle would take the pain away….. and then she had a blackout…..

If you guessed I was the girl, you are 110% correct. If you are wondering what happened to that poor girl, thank you very much for thinking of me. If not, what’s wrong with you?

Going on with my story. The 5 minutes turned into many more minutes, and my wonderful husband didn’t wake me up. Instead he took our friend and her family to the place I had planned, and he took the pictures himself.

After my internal alarm woke me up, I felt like in a parallel universe. If you tell me that I died, I believe you. The pain had gone away, and I felt aware of everything. OK, not in the same way as Limitless…. (if you haven’t seen the movie, you should), but OMG, what did just happen to me. What time is it? What year is this? Ok, the last part was an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

I called out friend, no answer. I called Danny, no answer. Why do we have to have a rule to turn our cell phones off when we are shooting? Ok, so he probably went on without me. OMG, would my friend think that I didn’t want to shoot her pictures, I surely hope not.

But then I talked to her… and being the great person she is, she understood. The best part of all, I knew she was in good hands. Danny is such a great photographer, you know that rare breed of photographer/ cinematographer, best of both worlds. In the end, everything worked, Danny photographed Tomyka and her beautiful family, and the photos came out great.

Tomyka is the owner of UMYK Designs, and she makes a wide range of hand crafted products. If you need custom aisle runners, cake toppers, or hand painted signs definitely check her out. And for the girls who like a little bling, Tomyka does hand crafted Swarovski Crystal iphone cases.

New Jersey Photographer Portrait Photographer


Sweet Sixteen New Jersey Photos - Hyatt Morristown

All about D – Deidra’s Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

Early this year, we photographed Daina’s Super 18th Birthday Party – Part 1 and Part 2, so when I got the call from Pure Ambiance Event Planning to photograph Deidra’s Sweet 16 party (Daina’s sister), I knew this party was going to be super special. But what was even more special, was meeting a wonderful and super sweet sixteen year-old who loves music and fashion, and dreams of becoming a doctor. After I got back her questionnaire, I felt, like….. awwwwww, she is so sweet, and it turns out, she really was, and we are truly honored to have documented two very important days for this beautiful family.

Deidra’s Super Sweet 16 party took place at the Hyatt Morristown, and the ballroom was completely transformed into a super hip lounge. The party included celebrity appearances by Lil Twist, Travis Porter, and Angela Simmons. Angela travelled directly from Europe to host Deidra’s Sweet 16 party!!

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