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Behind the Scenes : Meet the Photographer

After much hesitation, I decided that it was time for me to post this “Behind the Scenes” video Danny captured. After all, he cut a business trip short and flew all the way from Miami just to help me out with this project.

Voted Best of the Knot Weddings 2011, among New Jersey’s Top Ten Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers, and recipient of Bride’s Choice Awards 2011. The Wedding Central is a wedding photography and wedding cinematography studio owned by Award Winning Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer, Gaby and Danny. The studio is located Northern New Jersey and serving Bergen County, Morris County, NJ, Northern NJ, Central NJ, Jersey Shore and New York City, Rockland and Hudson Valley and Metropolitan area.

Life on the big old tree – Photo of the Week

This is been a brutal winter for the North East. For the last thirty days, we have been covered in snow, and there is more snow on its way. The kids are loving it. With every snowflake, they see the possibility of having fun sledding down the urban icy mountains because the snow has turned into rock solid ice, and with more polar winds announced for next week, the ice will not be melting any time soon. Why does that matter? Well, a strange thing happened yesterday on my backyard.

As I was having breakfast, a large group of squirrels was wondering up and down the big old tree. These would not be unusual; the big old tree is full of life and creatures, but it remains empty, almost lifeless, during the winter months. As the squirrels jumped through the backyard’s fence, Isabella and I rushed to the window to see them, and then up to the tree they jumped again. Then, I remember a cartoon I had seen as a kid. A hungry little squirrel battling through strong winds, and a brutal cold winter looking for food. So what if these poor squirrels are hungry? Danny laughed at me when I came back with a bag of almonds – well, it’s not like I have acorns – but he helped me open the window anyways. I left a few almonds out there just to check if they liked them.

Little by little the almonds disappeared. Huh, you see the squirrels were hungry after all. But then this morning, I spotted a few birds and two cardinals on the big old tree. They were the ones eating the almonds, not the squirrels. So yes, maybe Danny was right and the squirrels were not hungry, but at least I got to see this.

Cardinal Photo on tree during winter


Life, dreams, success and failures

Yesterday was not a very good day for me. I didn’t feel like myself, and I was not the best person to be around. As my birthday was approaching, I felt a weight in me. The weight of unfulfilled dreams, and failure. I thought of the things that I wanted to do and accomplish and have not. As I struggle to understand what is success and how it is measured, I wanted to write this to remind me of my down times. Maybe to go forward once has to take a small step back to look at life from a different perspective. Maybe one has to detach from oneself in order to appreciate what we have in life.

Then this morning came, and I opened my inbox only discover tons of love from my friends and family. The laughter of my daughter, the unconditional love of my mother, and the support and encouragement of my husband. I was overwhelmed by it, and tears cleansed my fears and clear my mind to embrace my life as it is: just dandy.

birthday chocolate cake

Gaby and Danny Portrait Session Outtakes – My Photo of the week

For weeks and weeks, months and months, years and years, I’ve known Danny and myself needed to take some portraits. But I have thought of every imaginable and legitimate excuse -I’m pregnant, fat, need a new hair cut, or hair color, need a pedicure, manicure, don’t like the way I look on pictures, did I say I’m fat?- to postpone this long overdue session.

So if you haven’t guessed already, yes, I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera. Or to better phrase it, I don’t like the way I look on pictures. Every single year for as far as I can remember, my mom made me take a portrait. Raise your chin, tilt your head, and click. Love it or hate it, you only got one shot. I usually hated them, but my mom displayed every single one of those portraits with pride.

Fast forward to this portrait session. Lowered your head, move a bit and DON’T Laugh. Darling the more you tell me not to laugh, the more I laugh, so please take it fast.

So this time, I decided to let my guard down, and chose our outtakes as My Photos of the Week.

NY NJ Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer

Without realizing, I’m following on my moms footsteps, and with the help of digital, I turned the yearly portrait session into a weekly photo session for Isabella.

NY NJ Wedding Photographer and Wedding Videographer

My photo of the week

My photo of the week

I like to shoot weddings in a wedding photojournalistic way without interfering, and I do that through the ceremony and reception staying vigilant for the unscripted moments. But I also know how important portraits are to my couples, and I have to admit I have so much fun posing them in different kinds of ways, from contemporary and fashionable poses, to romantic and funny situations, to the ones that truly reflect themselves, and that is the biggest compliment when I hear that I really captured them. Capturing details in a fashionable and beautiful way is another tricky process where you can cross the wedding photojournalistic fine line specially if you put an art director’s hat with the hopes the shot can submitted for publication.

While I’m being commissioned to photograph a wedding, and I’m trying to conform with certain standards and rules of photography and magazine styles, I need to keep my artistic sanity, and I do that by making sure that on every wedding I take at least one picture just for me. The following picture inspired me to start a weekly post featuring a photo that I took just for me. This is My photo of the week.

Marcela and Eric got married at the Reeves-Reed Arboretum in Summit, New Jersey. Since the house of the arboretum was built in 1889, I decided to take a portrait that gave me that turn of the century look. I posed Marcela and Eric in an unflattering way and asked them to stand side, by side looking directly at the camera, Danny looked at me like saying what are you doing? But again, this picture was just for me. I desaturated the picture enough just to leave hints of color on the background and on her bouquet.

Vintage Wedding Portrait - NJ Wedding Photography

New Jersey Wedding Photographer, Gabriela Fuentes captures wedding and engagement photography and the in-between moments. Voted Best of the Knot Weddings, and recipient of Bride’s Choice Awards. The Wedding Central is an wedding photography boutique studio owned by Award Winning Photographers Gaby and Danny. The studio is located Northern New Jersey and covers New Jersey and New York City.

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