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How to be on time to your wedding?

how to be on time to your wedding ceremonyThere seems to be a new trend developing in modern weddings: Being late. This year, 80% of our weddings have started late, which has me thinking.┬áIs there a new wedding etiquette that I’m not aware of. Or is there a wedding reality TV show laying out that it’s OK for the bride to be late. The answer is simpler.

Since we are in a DIY era, brides, who are not hiring wedding planners, are preparing out their own wedding timelines. And when creating their timeline, brides are not factoring things that are part of a wedding day, but not part of the ritual, like greetings, bustling, retouching, walking and the unexpected; in some cases, brides are not adding traffic to the equation, and if it normally takes them fifteen minutes to go from their house or hotel to the ceremony site, they are only factoring fifteen minutes.

The result is brides being consistently late.

Consequences of Being Late
A wedding timeline is like the mechanism that makes a clock work, if you offset one thing, it will offset the rest. Since the end time is the only thing that will not change, by adding time to certain parts of the day; you are taking time away from other parts.READ MORE