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Video FAQ : What is the difference between Cinema HD : Regular HD : DSLR Videos

Ever since we made the switch to 100% DLSR Cinema HD video last year, I’ve had a few brides and grooms asked me how is that different than regular HD. The short answer is there is a world of difference. But since my answers are a little more elaborated than that, and examples are crucial to demonstrate the difference, I decided it was time for a Video FAQ answering some of the questions couples have asked.

What is DSLR HD video?

DSLR HD video is video recorded on a DSLR camera, which means a professional still -photographer’s- camera that has the ability to record video. Because still cameras have larger chips than most regular Pro HD cameras, the image has better resolution, which means less pixelation when viewed on a large flat TV screen.

What is Cinema HD video?

Cinema HD is an image quality closer to a Hollywood movie  or cinema. Because DSLR cameras give you the flexibility of switching lenses, you can literally use the best Canon lenses available in the market. This allows for better control of the depth of field, or as my friends will describe it, a sharp image with a fuzzy background. This is the defining difference between the two types of HD.READ MORE

NYC Wedding Video Roosevelt Hotel – Marriette + Wassim

I had the pleasure to work with Mariette and Wassim as their wedding videographer. This was a Lebanese wedding held at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral in Brooklyn, New York, and the reception was at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.
We used a combination of two DSLR cameras for the ceremony and two DSLR and Canon high definition camera for the beautiful reception at The Roosevelt Hotel. These were our first lebanese clients and the wedding was amazing!! A lot of music and fun through the night. Guests did not stop dancing for one second except to eat and listen to the family and friend’s speeches.
We had the pleasure to work with the great photographer, Nayeem Vohra.

Mariette and Wassim wanted to use for the highlight an upbeat song from Lebanon. Here is the highlight with the song they picked. Enjoy!!