Ok, I confess, I’m not very good at making New Year’s resolutions, and I’m even worse at keeping them. Some of my zumba dvds are still wrapped, with its original packing, not to mention that I nagged Danny to death until he got them for me as a Birthday present. So in lieu of a resolution list, I decided to create a Wish List. And since I breath and dream about weddings, I decided to make a Wedding Wish List. This is a list of things I wish would happen more often during Weddings in 2011.

1. First Look.
If I had to make just one wedding wish for 2011, this would be it. I love the First Look. It allows couples to have beautiful pictures without the rush. Because we are adding time to the timeline, they have more time to enjoy themselves, and their party.

2. Cut to the chase, and Cut the cake right after you enter.
If you are like me, you know that after cutting of the cake, the party is basically over, but wait it ain’t over till it’s over, so why not cut the cake right after the big entrance, with all the excitement. Later on, once the dance floor is packed, Mr. DJ won’t have to break the dancing to announce you are about to cut the cake. Hey, who needs cake when you are dancing to Lady Gaga. Well, maybe I do, but I rather eat it at my own pace.

3. Weddings that are on time.
Have you ever been to a wedding where you had to sit out in the sun during a hot summer for twenty minutes waiting for the bride to come. It’s no fun, right? So why do that to your guests. Why keep them waiting? Why torture the ones who are on time waiting for those who did not make it on time.

4. Brides who enjoy their weddings.
You have dreamed about this day forever, you wanted it to be perfect, and with the man you truly love, now please enjoy it. For brides who tell me they want photojournalistic pictures, please be happy. I need you to be happy because photojournalistic means documenting the day as it happens. Would it help if I sing Don’t Worry, Be happy?

5. Reception lighting.
I lOVE reception lighting. They make the room look beautiful and perfect.

6. Clutter free bridal suites and and bride’s room
When you imagine your getting ready pictures, you may picture yourself surrounded by your mom and closest friends, all happy and beautiful. So let’s make it happen by removing anything from the room that will take our attention away from this joyous moment.

7. The revival of the Wedding Planner.
My daughter is two, and Danny and myself have already decided that she will have a wedding planner. If you can afford it, why worry?

8. Don’t go bridezilla.
Remember that just because it’s your wedding day, it doesn’t mean you get a free pass to go Bridezilla. Relax, and if things don’t come up the way you wish them to be, remember Don’t Worry be Happy.

9. Day After Photo Shoot.
Day after photo shoot, also known as “Trash the Dress” or “Rock the dress” allows the best of both worlds. Not seeing each other before the wedding – First Look, but it still allows time for couples to have beautiful wedding pictures. This is the perfect option for those brides who truly don’t want to see their grooms before their weddings.

10. Party like there is no tomorrow.
As a wedding photographer, I get asked what is the one wedding trend for 2011, and I have to say to Partey.

2011 Wedding Trends

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