Documentary Wedding Photographers Danilo Morales & Gabriela Fuentes

Documentary Wedding Photographers

~Let Us tell your story -

Gaby and Danny are an award-winning team offering professional wedding photography in New Jersey and New York. Our documentary style of photography means that you’ll hardly know we’re there…until we reveal the wedding photos of your dreams: the pictures that not only capture all of the details you’ve spent many months – even years – perfecting, but also those beautiful, emotional moments between family members, friends and you, the bride and groom.

Be it the kiss that seals your vows or the joke told by the best man in his speech, we’ll capture the expressions and emotions that make lasting impressions on the life you are beginning together. Contact us today.


I became a wedding photographer because someone once asked me to look at my own wedding album to remind me why I got married. The details of my wedding day had faded in my mind since. But when I look at wedding pictures…and see the light in the eyes of a bride, or the tear on the cheek of her groom, I know that moments like these – full of emotion – are the stuff of great, lasting love.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts. My work has been published in the New York Times, and featured in festivals in New York and Europe.


I am a storyteller…and one who loves to laugh. My energy and humor is what attracts me to the vibrant energy that’s on display at weddings. And I get it all with my camera!

I studied music at the National School of Music in Havana Cuba. (I also went to the School of Visual Arts with Gaby…they just don’t know it!)