Thankfully, this has been a very busy and exciting year for The Wedding Central. Which of course meant a lot of hard work and little spare time to do almost anything else aside from work.

But now that the weather got colder, and the wedding season has slowed down, we get to have time back on our side.

So this weekend, we went out with some friends and took Isabella to The Liberty Science Center because we want to expose her to the wonders of learning. From the moment she walked into the toddler’s room, her face lit; she ran, fell, played and smiled at all the wonderful things she was discovering. As I looked at her, I took a mental picture of her happiness, and if I could preserve it for her, I will.

As we came out, we hopped, we sang, we laughed, and for a moment, I felt like a child again. And like a child, I was happy just to feel the wind touching my face.

In that place of discovery, I was reminded that in an age when time has become a luxury, sometimes we have to go back to the basics. Hop, laugh and live.

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