Earlier this year, I was burnt out, emotionally, physically and creatively. I questioned myself creatively while I juggled the balance between my professional and my personal life. Wedding Photography is rewarding but very time consuming, and when I’m not shooting a wedding, my time is consumed by photo processing, editing, customer service, and marketing. But where did my creativity go? I was a photographer turned business owner, and I felt a longing in my heart.

As an artist, I felt I was hitting rock bottom, and artistically, I lost a sense of purpose.

Luckily, through on online forum, I became involved on a video project for Restore NYC. Restore is a nonprofit dedicated to restoring freedom and empowering survivors of sex trafficking by providing them a place they can call home and where they can start a healing process. I was the still photographer of this project, and I got to meet some wonderful people who are committed in helping these amazing women. Working on this project and doing documentary portraiture was very gratifying, and seeing the finished video, I felt a sense of pride because I know my photos are part of an effort to help these women by supporting their freedom. Slavery in any way, shape or form is simply not right, and we can help stop it by supporting organizations such at this. If you want to become involved or donate, you can do so here.

Press play to see the finished video.


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