I wake up to the noise of Isabella talking – loudly- my nephew and cousin in law are visiting, and she is utterly excited. They’re visiting for only a day, so every minute counts. We sit around an empty table; it’s 6:30 and the bakery isn’t open yet, so we chat. Isabella brings a different toy every two minutes, and asks for attention in a foreign language that is yet to be copyrighted.

It’s 8AM, and the smell of fresh bread and bacon invades the kitchen, my hubby has prepared a delicious and rich breakfast. When family is visiting, carb and fat diets don’t apply. We gather around the table again, and eat, and chat. Danny brings Isabella’s flash cards, and as any proud parent does, he tries to impress and bore our visitors with Isabella’s tricks. She performs marvelously, we clap, and she smiles because she loves the attention.

After breakfast, the kids are running; toys are making noise, people are talking. My uncle arrives, and we gather again around the table; he eats and we chat. The house is full of joy, and I ‘m fascinated at how life and family ties are cooked around the kitchen table.

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  1. Oh! This sounds like an absolutely perfect morning. I love it. I miss having a little one in the house. I miss the jibberish and the toys. I miss the kisses : ) and the fun! Hope your week is wonderful!

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