Just this week, I blogged about a wedding that I photographed one day before hurricane Irene was scheduled to hit NYC. For us, the story of being affected by hurricane Irene didn’t end with that wedding. As I mentioned before, I was glued to the TV for days before the wedding, some will say I was paranoid, but I had good reason to be concerned. We actually had two weddings that weekend, and the second one was scheduled to take place in New Jersey, the same morning hurricane Irene was going to touch land. As soon as the Governor declared state of emergency on New Jersey, I panicked not because of me, but I thought of my bride. How would she feel? For three days, Fouzia Elidrissi, the wedding coordinator and owner of My Bridal Budget, and I emailed back and forth, and I mean every couple of minutes. We discussed several back-up plans and everything else from changing the date, availability, to changing location and time of day. We went from a morning wedding in a beautiful New Jersey ballroom, to a New York City wedding at a church and reception in a hip restaurant, Scarpina, with a portrait session in a beautiful but crowded Union Square park after sunset. Did I mention it was at night? Everything was re-planned in less than 24 hours thanks to the tenacity of Fouzia, the wedding coordinator, and the willingness to help of Scarpina‘s owner, Albana, and of its executive chef.

In the end, Martine and Nicola married, and they had the wedding that she had always dreamed of, marrying the man that she loves. Martine and Nicola’s story was picked up by ABC news, and we are honored to learned that they featured the wedding photos Danny and I took. Click Here to view Martine and Nicola’s news story

NYC Wedding - Martine and Nicola NYC wedding Photos

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