This has been a very busy year. Between weddings, photo shoots, seminars and meetings, my free time during the weekends have been reduced to seldom trips to the window to see how the day is developing outside. Halloween was not the exception. For several weeks, I had planned to have a family day on Halloween and spend it outdoors, but because I forget to write family outings on my calendar, we scheduled a client meeting, which turned out to be a good thing because I got to know an amazing couple, and I also discovered that Isabella is still not that interested in weird looking people strolling through the streets.

So here are the lessons that I learned on Halloween: Unless you have a second costume as back up, don’t put a costume as soon as your toddler gets up. Get a picture as soon as you dress your toddler. Go trick or treating early in the day before people run out of candy.

Isabella Ballerina Halloween 2010

Isabella looks at these pictures as says Isabella Ballerina, just like one of her favorite characters Angelina BallerinaIsabella Ballerina Halloween 2010

And here is little tip for Halloween costume makers: Halloween costumes should also come in winter styles.

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