This is been a brutal winter for the North East. For the last thirty days, we have been covered in snow, and there is more snow on its way. The kids are loving it. With every snowflake, they see the possibility of having fun sledding down the urban icy mountains because the snow has turned into rock solid ice, and with more polar winds announced for next week, the ice will not be melting any time soon. Why does that matter? Well, a strange thing happened yesterday on my backyard.

As I was having breakfast, a large group of squirrels was wondering up and down the big old tree. These would not be unusual; the big old tree is full of life and creatures, but it remains empty, almost lifeless, during the winter months. As the squirrels jumped through the backyard’s fence, Isabella and I rushed to the window to see them, and then up to the tree they jumped again. Then, I remember a cartoon I had seen as a kid. A hungry little squirrel battling through strong winds, and a brutal cold winter looking for food. So what if these poor squirrels are hungry? Danny laughed at me when I came back with a bag of almonds – well, it’s not like I have acorns – but he helped me open the window anyways. I left a few almonds out there just to check if they liked them.

Little by little the almonds disappeared. Huh, you see the squirrels were hungry after all. But then this morning, I spotted a few birds and two cardinals on the big old tree. They were the ones eating the almonds, not the squirrels. So yes, maybe Danny was right and the squirrels were not hungry, but at least I got to see this.

Cardinal Photo on tree during winter

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