Ok, so I have to confess that I have several obsessions. Neatness is one of them. Yes, I fold grocery bags in tiny perfect triangles, and recycle them. And don’t even get me started on recycling and plastic, but at least, I can excuse myself saying that I care about pollution. But this one obsession would make the fire department seriously mad. Exit Signs on wedding photos!! I confess, I don’t like them, and yes, they are necessary and save lives in case of an emergency, but they drive me mad. You see, I don’t really notice exit signs, until I see them hanging over my gorgeous brides’ heads as they’re walking down the aisle, or as couples make their big entrance during their reception. Look up, there are there, and there are everywhere. Big red lights that take my attention away from my main subject. I wish there were like vampires who don’t up when you photograph them, but they do. So I decided that if I can’t beat them…I can Photoshop them.

Here, I removed the Exit Sign from the photo on the right using the cloning tool in Photoshop.

photoshop editing removing backgrounds

Then I decided to play a bit and removed the guest standing in the background. I used the clone tool on the left photo.  The on the right photo, I created several layers where I brushed in color, using the sample tool, to smoothen it out. I added some glass effect, and then some grain to match the rest of the photo.

photoshop removing background - nj wedding photographer

But it’s now too even, so I will let this image rest for a while, and I will continue editing the background tomorrow and then blend all layers. It’s like painting, it needs different coats! Now you see why I don’t like exit signs. They make me put a photo under the microscope, so what started as, let me remove the Exit sign ended up in a 10 layer PS file.

… to be continued.


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