New Jersey Wedding Video – Rebecca & Tommy’s Love Story Engagement Video

Being wedding photographers and videographers for a long time, we decided to include a video session to all our engagement photography session. We think that would be a great touch to our wedding videos.
For Tommy and Rebecca, we selected the waterside in hoboken, which is a great place to do an engagement session.

As Gaby was doing the engagement photography session, I was filming them. Afterwards, we sit down for a several minutes to do the interview about their love story.

When I got home that I imported all the footage, I noticed that the sound was not optimal, as it was very windy that day. I contacted Rebecca and explained the situation and we agreed to do the interviews again.

I went to their house and we found a very nice spot at their backyard. It was quiet, except for a couple of birds that were chirping like crazy. I said “you know what? don’t worry about it” and we continued.

As I love the way that Gaby processes the pictures, I am trying to color correct my videos similar to her photos. Staying away from those dramatic wedding pictures people are used to, Gaby uses a fresh style that I also want to use in my videos.

I could say that I am very happy with the final product.

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