A few months ago, I came across a great photographer, Chelo Keys. Her work and her words inspired me very much, to the point that I found myself buying an old film camera from ebay, which I had never done. Earlier this year, I had vouched to document more of our personal lives, and film just seemed like the perfect medium to do that. It is romantic, and has a timeless look, and I just “needed” a film camera. Fast forward a couple of months, and I’m experiment with different film stocks with non other than Chelo. I called up the usual suspects, and we got ourselves a bridal photo shoot. Here is one from that day – Danny pulled the trigger on this one, as I was too short to focus.
Bridal Wedding Photos - New Jersey Wedding Photography

Thank you to my beautiful model Priscilla for posing for us. A big thank to Deidra Mahon of Deeva Beauty for make-up, and to Lilian Burgos from The Cave for hair, who did an amazing job.

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