Westmount Country Club Wedding – Nick and Patty Wedding Photos

NJ Greek Wedding Photographer - Westmount Country Club Wedding Photos

They both lived in different states, Patty in New Jersey, Nick in sunny California, so chances of them meeting were slim. Luckily for them, Patty’s cousin Tracy thought they would be perfect for each other, and she was so right. Patty and Nick are such a happy and amazing couple. Even if you try, you […]

Westmount Country Club Wedding Photography – Ida and Giovanni

Westmount Country Club NJ Ida Giovanni Wedding Photos

Ida and Giovanni met many years ago, and when we interviewed them for their Love Story, they had different versions of how they really ended up together. “She has it all wrong,” whispered Giovanni, and with her contagious smile, she would ask: Isn’t that how we met? But one thing, they are both certain, is […]

Westmount Country Club Wedding : Lorraine + Orson Wedding Photos

In the years we have been photographing weddings, we have been fortunate enough to have met amazing couples, and this wedding was no exception. I can’t begin to tell you how hospitable and wonderful Lorraine and Orson were. We feel really honored to have been there to capture their fabulous wedding. Lorraine and Orson’s wedding […]