Very often, I feel thankful: for my wonderful family, my great friends, clients, life, food and the roof over my head. I just look at Isabella sleep, and I caress happiness with my fingers. And during this time of the year, I feel specially thankful. They joy is everywhere and with everyone. We just had Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming, and even when the music is not playing I hear bells ringing. Right now, life is simply jolly.

But there are other times, when I forget to be thankful. I work, and work and work, and I forget to look around. It is during this time, that even when the music is playing, I don’t hear a thing. Even when the laughter is contagious, I’m thinking of the next thing on my list. It is during this time, that I need films to remind to be Thankful.

This week, I’m recommending films that made think and cry.

movie recommendations

Serafine – It’s a magnificent film based on the life of Serafine de Senlis, played by Yolande Moreau, who gave a remarkable performance. If you love filmmaking and storytelling, you will love this film. It touched me in some many levels that I can’t begin to describe.
Foreign ** featured ** available on Netflix Instant Watching – Starring Yolande Moreau and Ulrich Tukur

My sister’s keeper
I recommend this film only to people who have not read the book. Normally, I don’t cry watching films. Correction, I never cry watching films, but I admit, this one was the One. Danny is the type of person who cries even with a soap opera, and he not shy about it, so it’s OK for me to publicly say that about him, so obviously, you could expect that he would cry during this one, but he just didn’t cry, he sobbed, and sobbed, and had to stop the movie, and when I saw him, naturally, I cried with him. This movie made thankful for my daughter and the fact that she is healthy. So you are warned, bring a box of tissues.
Contemporary. Starring: Cameron Diaz

It’s a wonderful life
What can I say about this film, that hasn’t been written already. It’s a must see film. “An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed.”
Classic Directed by one of the best directors of all times, Frank Capra and staring James Stewart.

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