Some people love the mall, I love the market. I like to roam through markets, and even though I know them by heart, I always find something different. When I worked right above Grand Central, Danny and myself would walk through the Market almost every day. I love the smell of fresh roasted coffee, the delicious bread and pastries; the sight of beautiful and fresh flowers. Learning that there are more varieties of cheese than days in the calendar. Taking your time to pick the best apples and vegetables. Really, what is not to like?

I have happy trips to the market with Isabella. It is a big classroom for her, and even though she is only two, she helps me remember the things we need to buy. I love that she loves it.

Today, I introduced her to Holiday Foods, and my all time favorite holiday dessert: Pecan Pie, and Whole Foods makes the best out of the box pecan pie; it is so good. For me, holidays are not complete without it, and I guess I will be passing this tradition down to Isabella. That is why I love markets; they have a hand made and fresh quality that bring us closer, and just make me feel thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

PS. I do like shopping, but I prefer the open malls.

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