For over a year now, we have been using the Canon 5D Mark II for our wedding videos, and we just have to say we love it. And the question is what is not to like about this camera, and about the image. I will skip the argument about the advantages and disadvantages of the Canon 5d Mark II vs the Canon 7d because we have never used a Canon 7D.

As photographers, we were looking for a top of line camera, and the Canon 5D Mark II delivers an image quality that is absolutely amazing, and it’s still lighter compared to the Canon 1D Mark IV. So we knew this was our camera, but we never imagined this camera would deliver an image superior than our other more expensive HD video cameras, and that it would change our business as a whole.

A happy Accident.
We discovered video on this camera simply by mistake. We were covering a destination wedding for bride, and I went along with the bride only with my 5d to take candid pictures of a girls’ day at the spa, yeah the sweet life. Apparently, getting pampered awakens curiosity because I started playing with my camera, and the next thing I know I’m taking video, and it looked good. Then again during the ceremony, I took some B roll for Danny. When we returned and Danny imported the video files, we were in awe, really.

After that, we continued to shoot B roll using my DSLR camera, until we were comfortable enough to switch to 100% DSLR videos.

When canon installed a video option on it’s 5D Mark II, they did so to give the option to photojournalists to record video when they were on assignments, but they never imagined that they would be revolutionizing the world of video.

What is so great about the 5D Mark II video?
I have to start by saying this. I am a film fanatic. Yes, I confess, during film school, I was among the few who defended film when everyone else was saying film was dead, mind you this was seven years ago. My argument was that although video was getting better and better, it still didn’t capture the texture that film could, and it couldn’t even compete in the depth of field department. Fast forward to today, and I’m the first to say, things have changed.

The Canon 5D Mark II gives you an image that I have never seen in any other video camera. It delivers in the two areas that I thought other video cameras couldn’t compete, texture, and depth of field. The texture of the video is so beautiful, that I dare to say, it’s very close to film. Because the camera is a DSLR, you have the advantage of changing lenses. This basically allows you to use the best lenses at your disposal, which means achieving shallow depth of field, which was not possible before. Most experience users, specially in Hollywood, make some changes in order to use cinestyle lenses. Many will argue that the RED gives you exceptional image as well, and it’s true, but the price tag limits the RED to big productions.

Limitations or disadvantages of the 5D Mark II
Because this camera is very close to a film camera, you have to treat it as such. That means that for some users the camera will present challenges and limitations. In our case, we were able to make the jump to DLSR video because our background was in film, so basically we were jumping back to familiar territory. For wedding videographers, though, it means that you need to learn some new skills such as focus pulling, learn about still camera and still camera lenses, and making yourself familiar with ISO.

The key is to practice, practice and practice some more. In our profession, focusing is key, and I cannot stress that enough. In wedding videography, you get one shot, and one shot only, so that shot better be in focus.

But once you have taken classes, and have learned your equipment inside out, the results will amaze you and your clients because this camera is revolutionizing the way wedding videos are made.

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