Ever since we made the switch to 100% DLSR Cinema HD video last year, I’ve had a few brides and grooms asked me how is that different than regular HD. The short answer is there is a world of difference. But since my answers are a little more elaborated than that, and examples are crucial to demonstrate the difference, I decided it was time for a Video FAQ answering some of the questions couples have asked.

What is DSLR HD video?

DSLR HD video is video recorded on a DSLR camera, which means a professional still -photographer’s- camera that has the ability to record video. Because still cameras have larger chips than most regular Pro HD cameras, the image has better resolution, which means less pixelation when viewed on a large flat TV screen.

What is Cinema HD video?

Cinema HD is an image quality closer to a Hollywood movie or cinema. Because DSLR cameras give you the flexibility of switching lenses, you can literally use the best Canon lenses available in the market. This allows for better control of the depth of field, or as my friends will describe it, a sharp image with a fuzzy background. This is the defining difference between the two types of HD. Those of you who are curious can look at the 7 Best Canon Lenses for Video in 2019 | VFX Visuals Blog

What equipment do you use, and why does it matter?

We use 100% DSLR Video shot with our Canons 5D Mark II, which is the camera being used in mayor TV shows like SNL.

Why if these cameras are so good not everyone is using them?

There is a mayor difference between using a DSLR camera and a regular hd video camera, and knowledge and experience are crucial specially during a live event. Remember in weddings, there is no second shot, thus, focus becomes a critical point, specially during low light situations inside a church when there is shallow depth of field. In plain English, it means that you to manually change the focus as a bride is walking down the aisle. Follow focus is in itself a career, so in this case, the cinematographer needs to master cinematography as well as focus pulling.

What is the difference between a wedding cinematographer and a videographer?

Typically, cinematographers are distinguished from videographers because they record moving images with film cameras, whereas videographers use electronic equipment like video cameras. But as technology advances and motion pictures adopt DSLR cameras, the distinction is a little more difficult to make. But typically, it is safe to say that a cinematographer operates a cinema camera regardless if film is involved or not, and understands the principal of dual sound system, whereas a videographer doesn’t necessarily operate cinema camera.

What is the difference between a wedding film and a wedding video?

Wedding films are shot using Cinema HD cameras, and wedding videos will be shot using a regular HD camera, but because most brides know them as wedding videos, we may use both terms.

Because it’s easier to see the difference using an example, I’m embedding two wedding videos.

This first wedding video was 100% shot with DSLR cinema cameras during the wedding and HD during the engagement session

This second video was shot primarily with an HD video camera, and some DSLR shots.

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