Patty and Nick’s Engagement Love Story

Wedding Videographer: Danny Morales – Wedding Photographer: Gabriela Fuentes

Patty and Nick are one of the happiest and funniest couples we have had the pleasure to work with. We do not know if it is the combination of being Greek descendants and Nick coming from California but the reality is that they are always smiling and laughing.

As a wedding videographer, I could say that it is really easy to work with a couple like this. They spent the whole photo shoot and video shoot laughing and having fun.

You could easily see the love they feel for each other.

They selected Times Square for the photo shoot, and we were lucky that the weather was amazing. As a wedding videographer I could not ask for better place and lighting. We used a lot of back lighting which gave us spectacular images.

Nick and Patty met through Patty’s cousin, who is Nick’s friend. Somehow, she knew that they would be a perfect couple. She wasn’t wrong. They really are.

Check this video out!

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